10 Ultimate Treehouses That Will Get You Excited for Treehouse Park

10 Ultimate Treehouses That Will Get You Excited for Treehouse Park

Most of us probably wanted a treehouse as a kid because there was something magical about them. They could be your “fortress of solitude.” You could let your imagination run wild with a treehouse. We know those dreams, because we had them too. In fact, we’re so excited about Caliterra’s Treehouse Park that we decided to share some awesome treehouses that will get you excited too!

1. Mirror Treehouse



(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

For those who always wanted your treehouse to be your top secret hide away, then this one is for you. This Swedish treehouse may look like it has an invisibility cloak, but it really has one-way mirrors as walls.

2. Three Story Treehouse

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

Sometimes, one treehouse just isn’t enough. That’s why this Canadian treehouse has three! With a treehouse like this, each member of your Dripping Springs family could have their own floor.

3. Minister’s Treehouse

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

This 100 ft. tall treehouse is said to be the tallest tree house in the world. This Tennessee wooden abode has even more room than the last treehouse. Talk about a place that’s fun for the whole family! Do we have you excited for our Treehouse Park yet?

4. Seattle Treehouse

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

If you ever dreamed of being in your favorite childhood fairytale, then this Seattle treehouse is perfect. With a rope bridge and a very rustic feel, it’s not hard to imagine Snow White and the seven dwarfs walking out singing their songs.

5. Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses 

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

These treehouses are truly for those who like just hanging out because the sphere is literally hanging by ropes! In our Treehouse Park, we’ll have actual decks that you can relax and hang out on.

6. O2 Treehouse

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

This glowing dome sits high upon the treetops. It was designed to be a symbol and example of how we can live in harmony with our environment. Find your peace and get back to your roots and the treetops.

7. Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

This Costa Rican house is actually part of a community that takes up 600 acres and is connected by suspended bridges. These treehouses are also extremely eco-friendly.

8. Plane Treehouse 

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

While this may look more like a plane crash that someone tried to build a house around, it’s much more. A Costa Rican woman bought this vintage Boeing 727 and moved it so she could turn it into her dream treehouse.

9. Teahouse Tetsu

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

Combining minimalism and fantasy, this Japanese treehouse looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. Surrounded by nature, you can’t help but to be pulled into the raw beauty of the home and its surroundings; much like Caliterra in Dripping Springs!

10. UFO Treehouse

(Photo by: boredpanda.com)

We’ve talked about fairytales and nature, but what about this amazing extraterrestrial-inspired treehouse in Sweden? Most people would have to look twice before realizing it isn’t real!

Hopefully you now understand why we’re excited about our new Treehouse Park, coming soon to Caliterra. Our master-planned community is a family fun place with all kinds of amenities available to our residents. Visit our website or make a visit to us in person today!