3 Reasons Kids Need to Spend Time Outside

3 Reasons Kids Need to Spend Time Outside

We all have those memories of being a kid and playing out in the yard. Whether it was running through the sprinklers or playing a sport, we could spend hours outside. Unfortunately, kids don’t seem to do that as much anymore. Here are just a few of the many reasons as to why kids need to spend time outside in the Austin Hill Country!


  1. Improves Vision

    When you’re indoors, you’re just looking at something a few feet away. However, when you’re outside, your eyes are working to see something that may be a few hundred feet away. Children who play outside have better distance vision than children who played primarily indoors. Studies have shown that children who do play mostly indoors face a greater risk of becoming nearsighted.

  2. Promotes Social Skills

    Having unstructured playtime encourages a wide range of skills. Going to the playground, for an example, isn’t just a place where a bunch of children are running around and being active. It’s also a place where children can properly learn and develop social skills, executive functions and behavioral skills.

  3. Provides Vitamin D

    One of the best benefits of being outside is that your body can create vitamin D by absorbing the sunlight. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that many children are suffering from vitamin D deficiencies. While you may want to put sunscreen on your children before they go outside to play, hold off for a few minutes.

    The sunscreen may prevent them from getting sun burnt, but it also prevents them from absorbing enough sunlight to create enough vitamin D. Use this sunshine calendar to adequately gauge how long your kids need to get enough sunlight to produce sufficient vitamin D.

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