3 Differences Between Natural Gas vs. Propane

3 Differences Between Natural Gas vs. Propane

Natural gas has been prominently featured in the media recently, from both environmental and financial standpoints. As energy prices continue to rise, natural gas has increased in popularity among homeowners as cleaner, cheaper and more efficient alternatives to oil and electricity.

At Caliterra we want to provide the best, most family friendly environment in the Texas Hill Country, which is one of the reasons that we use natural gas provided by Texas Gas. There are several differences between propane and natural gas, and in an effort to educate our residents as well as the larger Dripping Springs community; these are the top three differentiating factors.


Propane vs. Natural Gas- Energy Content Consumption

Propane is sold and delivered in gallons and is easily converted to cubic feet- which is how natural gas is sold and delivered- and both natural gas and propane are measured by cubic feet when in vapor form.

In vapor form, 1 cubic foot of propane contains approximately 2,516 BTU (British Thermal Unit) and 1 cubic foot of natural gas contains approximately 1,030 BTU, so it’s accurate to say that propane contains more than twice the usable energy content per cubic foot than natural gas.

Propane vs. Natural Gas- Cost Comparison

Unlike electricity, natural gas and propane can be directly compared based on their individual BTU ratings. For example, if natural gas cost $15.00 per 1,000 cubic feet, that would buy 1.03 million BTU’s of energy, which is the equivalent of 11.26 gallons of propane. Based on cost alone, natural gas is more cost effective than propane at $2.50 per gallon.

Propane vs. Natural Gas- Environmental Impact

When natural gas is released into the environment it becomes a greenhouse gas, whereas propane does not. Although propane is labeled as a “green fuel”, it is not considered a greenhouse gas. The emissions of natural gas are also negligible due to the overall cleanliness of the fuel and label as “alternative fuels.”

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