3 Ways to Show Gratitude This Thanksgiving

3 Ways to Show Gratitude This Thanksgiving

The holiday season is all about the importance of giving versus the importance of receiving. It feels great to give and show your appreciation. We encourage every resident of our master-planned community to truly embrace Caliterra living and try at least one of these three ways to show gratitude this Thanksgiving.

volunteers with garbage bags cleaning park area

  1. Write a Letter

    Even an act as simple as writing a letter can make a huge impact. Writing a letter to let the people you care about most know just how much they mean to you is a great way to show your gratitude, especially to those who live far away and you won’t get to see for Thanksgiving. Even if you say the exact same thing in an email, text message or even phone call, it still doesn’t hold the same weight as a letter that you took the time to hand write.

  2. Volunteer

    As a master-planned community that focuses on active living, we always encourage our residents to get outside and make a positive difference. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is by volunteering. Whether you volunteer to feed and walk dogs at an animal shelter, sort through items at Good Will or serve a warm meal at a local soup kitchen, volunteering is a great way to show your gratitude and give back to the community.

  3. Be There for a Friend in Need

    Sometimes the ones that need us most are the ones closest to us. If you have a friend that’s going through a tough time in their life, let them know how much you care by simply being there for them. Be a shoulder for them to cry on and a friend for them to confide in. Not only will this be like a token of your gratefulness to them, but also strengthen your relationship.

Give thanks and show your gratitude this Thanksgiving with at least one of these three ideas. If you want more information on the active living in our master-planned community, explore the Caliterra living website and contact us today!

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