fitness-bannerThis is the time to take advantage of your kids’ high-energy and get them into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. We understand the importance of starting psychical activity at a young age, which is why we have come up with 4 helpful fitness tips that will help get your kids active!

Fitness Tip #1: Give Them Control.
Instead of telling your kids what activities to do and then forcing them to give it a go, try handing them the control. Jim Linston, FitSchools Foundation advisors says, “To love being active, children need to spend time in environments of their choice”. Don’t be judgmental of your child’s choice in activities. If they choose something on their own, they are more likely to stay dedicated.

Fitness Tip #2: Don’t Criticize, Motivate.
This is one of the best fitness tips anyone could receive. Every kid develops at their own pace with everything in life, including physical activities. It is important not to criticize when your child makes a mistake during a game. For most kids, improvement comes from the support of parents and their coaches.

Fitness Tip #3: Encourage Teamwork.
We tend to teach our children the buddy system early on for safety purposes but did you know this could also apply to physical activity? Individual success is important but being successful and having fun with teammates often keeps children more engaged. Encouraging your kids to befriend their teammates will not only be beneficial to their psychological health and interaction skills but will also be good for their physical health as well.

Fitness Tip #4: Connect the Dots.
Fit kids = smart kids. Yup, you heard that right! There are a lot of benefits to getting your kid to be active and the fact that exercise boosts brainpower is high up on that list. Harvard psychologist, John Ratey believes “exercise is the single most powerful tool you have to optimize your brain function”.

We hope that you found these fitness tips helpful and beneficial in encouraging your kids to get active. Caliterra, a new master planned community located in Dripping Springs, is tailor-made for families wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. For more information on the community, head over to our website today!