4 Party Hosting Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

4 Party Hosting Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

It’s always fun to host a party with your friends and neighbors, and the modern home designs and open floor plans of the homes in our master-planned community are perfect for just that! While hosting a party is a lot of fun, it can also be a ton of work. So today, we’re sharing a few party hosting tips that will make your life much easier!

Caliterra party hosting tips

  1. Pre-clean

    While you will have to do some cleaning up after the party, you can significantly cut down on the workload by making sure to clean what you can before guests arrive. Make sure that all of the cookware used to prepare the food is clean and put away. You’ll also want to empty all of the trash bins and de-clutter any areas that guests will see.

  2. Limit Drink Options

    Sticking with beer, wine and a premade punch will make hosting much easier because you won’t have to cater to everyone’s specific drink needs. To help prevent any staining spills, serve only white wine and use clear punch recipes.

  3. Serve Less-Mess Foods

    For any party you host, you should serve simple foods that won’t make a mess. Stick to bite-sized portions that guests can simply grab and go. If you serve finger foods, let your guests know ahead of time, so no one expects a full meal to be served.

  4. Create a Flow

    While the open floor plans and modern home designs of the Caliterra homes are already perfect for hosting a party, you will want to make sure that guests can easily flow from one area of the house to another. Plan ahead of time where you will be serving food and drinks and where people can mix and mingle, so no one is clogging up a hallway or blocking someone from getting food.

These 4 party hosting tips will surely help you be the best host or hostess you can be. If you want to learn more about Caliterra in Dripping Springs, contact us today and find your dream home in our master-planned community.

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