4 Pool Safety Tips Every Parent Needs To Know

4 Pool Safety Tips Every Parent Needs To Know

School is out and summer is here. With summer comes pool season! Spending the day at the pool is a great way to enjoy time with the family, especially for your little ones who love water. While pool time is fun, it is also important to keep these four pool safety tips in mind while your kids swim around.

1. Establish Supervision Rules

It is essential to teach young kids a set of rules, especially near the water. Pool safety tips such as using the buddy system or never swimming without adult supervision are rules every parent should reinforce. Be sure to remind your kids of these rules before heading to the pool and once more when you get there. The more your kids are accustomed to these safety rules, the less likely they are to approach a swimming pool without you knowing.

2. Learning How To Swim

Knowing how to swim might be the most important pool safety tip of all. Ensure your children know not only how to swim, but how to swim well. Summer is a great time to teach them if they don’t already know. There are plenty of places around Dripping Springs that provide swim lessons for kids. Or, you can teach them yourself!

3. Emergency Situations

As a parent, it is crucial you know how to respond in an emergency situation. Becoming CPR certified is an easy progress and gives you the knowledge you need in the case of a pool safety emergency. Having safety items such as a first aid kit close by can come in handy for less threating situations.

4. Swimming At Home

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a convenient luxury. In fact, it’s so convenient that parents should take a few safety precautions before letting their child near the pool. Having a fence around your pool will not only create restricted access, but will also allow you to rest easy knowing your child won’t fall in without you there. Pool alarms are also extremely useful. Think of them as a second pair of eyes. If your child does happen to wander into the pool, you will know immediately.

Swimming can be a fun summer activity for all to enjoy, but remember the saying, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”. Prevent any incidents this pool season by applying these four pool safety tips to your summer fun. If you have any pool safety tips of your own, we would love to hear them! Visit the Caliterra Facebook page to tell us how you keep your kids safe.