4 Summer Design Trends For Your New Dripping Springs Home

4 Summer Design Trends For Your New Dripping Springs Home

Now that we are reaching the hottest months in Texas, it’s time to start prepping your new Dripping Springs home for summer! Knowing how to build a house is important – which all of the Caliterra builders know how to do extremely well. Knowing how to design your home is also just as important. Moving into a new home is the perfect time to try out a few of these summer interior design trends!

  1. Indoor Water Features

Having a waterfall, pond or fountain is a great addition to your backyard, but it’s an even better addition inside your home! While having a water feature is visually appealing, it also brings your new home a balance of serenity.


  1. Bring The Beach To Your Home

Nothing matches the joyfulness of summer like a beach style home. And just because Dripping Spring residents don’t live near the beach doesn’t mean they can’t create a beachy vibe for their new home. The best part about designing your home inspired by the beach is that the style can last all year round! Sticking to colors like blue, turquoise and coral will create a soothing and bright setting you will love.


  1. Reclaimed Wood

Whether it is for an accent wall, kitchen island, coffee table or door, reclaimed wood is a popular trend this summer! Reclaimed wood creates a sense of relaxation and allows you to add a laid-back backdrop. Not to mention it is a great cost-cutting option to consider!


  1. Pastels & Watercolors

As we all know, summer time and pastel colors go hand in hand. You could really never go wrong with throwing around some pastel and watercolors in your new Dripping Springs home. From feminine to neutral to masculine, these colors tend to work very well with any setting. If pastel pink isn’t your style, try a shade like minty green. Adding watercolors to your new home is the perfect décor to create an easy breezy summer vibe.


We understand that with building a new home, a million interior design ideas come along with it. Which is why we hope these four summer design trends will give you a touch of inspiration for your new home. If you are currently looking for a new community to build your dream home, a few of the Caliterra builders are pre-selling. Visit our website today for more information!


Photo source: decoist