4 Tips For Dripping Springs ISD Parents To Kick Off The School Year

4 Tips For Dripping Springs ISD Parents To Kick Off The School Year

Dripping Springs ISD will open its doors to eager students in just a few weeks. It may be difficult to get your children ready for the new school year, so we wanted to give you a few tips that have been known to work! If you plan on creating a stress-free back to school experience, you’ll find it a lot easier to get things done.

Get a calendar

Having a calendar with important dates and events on it for the entire family can be very helpful in planning the week and the month. It helps when figuring out rides, when you have free time, and whether you need to find a babysitter on a certain day. This way you will never miss an important date and can manage your time more effectively.

Get Your Kids Into A Routine

At least a week before school starts, be sure to reestablish school night routines with your children. Summertime often results in loose bedtimes and wake up times that are not aligned with the hours your kids should keep during the academic year. Allow your children a few days to adjust before the first day of school to ease the difficulty of getting them out of bed.

Make Lunches The Night Before

This may seem like a simple task, but when you are rushing in the morning making lunch can cause unnecessary stress. Having everything packed and ready to go creates a smooth and stress-free morning and helps your children feel more at ease. If you have older kids, have them help you pack their lunch. It’s a kid friendly activity and teaches them responsibility.

Leave Extra Time

For the first few weeks, make sure to leave plenty of time to get up, get ready, eat breakfast, and drive to school. It may take a while to fully get back in the swing of things, and eliminating rushing to get ready really helps create a calm, stress-free morning.


We wish all Dripping Springs ISD students the best of luck on their first day back. We hope these tips help instill a sense of tranquility as you and your family prepare to get back in the swing of the academic year.


Photo source: Dripping Springs ISD