4 Tips to Trick Your Kids into Eating Vegetables

4 Tips to Trick Your Kids into Eating Vegetables

When it comes to eating their veggies, most kids are pretty adamant about not wanting to even take a single bite! Sometimes, as a parent, you’ve got to get a little sneaky and figure out a way to get your kids to eat their vegetables. To help you do just that, Caliterra in Dripping Springs has four tips to help you trick your kiddos into eating and maybe even liking vegetables.

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1. Add a Bit of Butter

While this may take away some of the nutritional value, it’s a simple way to get your kids to try their vegetables. Certain veggies are bitter, which young children have a heightened sense to and will quickly reject any bitter vegetables. The butter is a good way to introduce them to a vegetable, and then you can gradually use less and less butter until they get used to the taste.

2. Serve with Dip

Don’t make the vegetable the desired object of consumption. Instead, use it as a vessel for their favorite dips. Whether they like ranch dip or even just queso, switch the chips out for veggies like carrots, celery, and broccoli.

3. Make Them an Appetizer

Instead of serving up veggies as part of the meal, give them their own little time slot to be eaten. This is especially good if your kids are complaining that they’re hungry while the main food is still cooking. If they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat some healthy veggies if you put them on their plate.

4. Get Them Involved in the Cooking

Everyone feels a sense of pride when they help to create something, and they’re more likely to want to eat it all. So if you’re kids are a little older and still hate eating their veggies, try making them your kitchen assistant, and let them help prepare the food. This is also just a great chance for some parent-child bonding.

These are just a few ways in which you can get sneaky and trick your little ones into eating those healthy veggies. Now if you’re searching for new homes in Dripping Springs, then come tour our master-planned community! If you’d like to learn more before heading out this way, you can contact us or simply explore the Caliterra living website.


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