4 Ways to Stay Cool at Caliterra This Summer

4 Ways to Stay Cool at Caliterra This Summer

School’s out, summer’s here and you may be trying figure out how to beat this dastardly Texas heat. With these fun summer activities, you’ll be able to stay cool at Caliterra all summer long! Thanks to the amenities at Caliterra, our master-planned community in Dripping Springs gives residents a multitude of fun ways to beat the heat.

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Go Kayaking on Onion Creek

There’s nothing quite like taking in all the beautiful Hill Country nature from the water of Onion Creek. Take the kids kayaking on Onion Creek, which is a tributary of the Colorado River. The gentle ripples of the creek are the perfect environment for novice kayakers to try out the water sport for the first time and to leisurely enjoy cruising down the creek.

Get Soaked on the Splash Pad

We all know that this Texas heat is no joke. Stay cool in the sweltering heat at the Caliterra splash pad. You and the kids will have a great time splashing around and getting sprayed with water.

Sit in the Shade at Treehouse Park

If you’re not really feeling the water, come lounge in the shade at Treehouse Park. While the kids exert their seemingly endless supply of energy running around on the treehouse, you can sit back and relax in the shade.

Chill Out in the Caliterra Welcome Lounge and Event Pavilion

Even with water and shade, sometimes you just can’t beat the great indoors with marvelous A/C. On those really bad triple-digit days, head over to the Caliterra welcome lounge and event pavilion. Whether you’re just meeting up with friends to have a glass of wine and some good times or to start a book club, the welcome lounge and event pavilion is perfect!

However you decide to beat the heat and stay cool at Caliterra, we hope you have a great time. Connect with our master-planned community in Dripping Springs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show us how you fight off the Texas heat and stay cool in Caliterra.