5 Kid Friendly Activities To Celebrate Grandparents Day

5 Kid Friendly Activities To Celebrate Grandparents Day

There isn’t a kid around that doesn’t love spending time with their dear old grandparents. In celebration of Grandparents Day this weekend, we’ve put together the best list of kid friendly activities for the family to do together, take a look!


1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

You can never go wrong with a good treasure hunt. Turn a walk into an adventure and make a list of things for y’all to find together. Depending on how old your kids are you can make the list as hard or as easy as you’d like!

2. Play Cards

With the variety of card games to play, it’ll be easy for grandparents and their grandkids to spend hours having fun around the table. The kids will love getting to play some of their grandparent’s favorite card games and allows for a new tradition to form between them!

3. Test Out Your Baking Skills

Old or young, baking and eating delicious treats is still something everyone enjoys doing. There is nothing kids love more than being included in grown-up activities. Which is why this makes it the perfect family fun idea for Grandparents Day!

4. Video Game Fun

Don’t know how to play any video games? Not to worry, kid activities like playing videos will be a blast. This allows for the kids to become the teacher and share with you something they enjoy doing.

 5. Open Up Your Jewelry Box

When you think about it, your jewelry box is a mini-history of your life. Every beautiful piece of jewelry you have has a story behind it and the kids will love hearing every minute of it. If you feel comfortable letting them try those special pieces on, there’s no doubt they’ll feel like royalty!


We hope that these family fun ideas will help this Grandparents Day be the best one yet. If you are looking for other things to do this weekend, the Caliterra Facebook page is always staying up to date on the latest events going on around Dripping Springs. Follow us today!