5 Tips That Will Make Relocating to Dripping Springs A Breeze

5 Tips That Will Make Relocating to Dripping Springs A Breeze


So you’ve finished your Austin home search and have decided to relocate to Dripping Springs! Although you have chosen one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities to move to, the physical moving part can still get overwhelming. This is why we have put together a list of five tips that will help make relocating to the Texas Hill Country a breeze!

  1. Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear bin. The clear bin will not only allow you to see what’s packed inside, but it will also remind you that these are the items that are most important and items that you will need first. Come moving day, you’re going to be glad you did this!
  2. Labeling is key! It’s important to not only label what’s in your boxes, but what room they will be going to as well. Having a system for labeling set in place will help your moving process go much smoother. Color-coding is even better!
  3. Take a picture of how your electronics are connected. Moving will make you realize just how many electronics you really have and putting them back together is certainly not as easy as taking them apart. Save yourself hours of guessing where that one extra wire goes and take a quick photo of your electronics before you unplug and pack them.
  4. Vacuum seal all your out-of-season clothes. Our guess is that you have a closet full of clothes dedicated to each season. Gather all of your out-of-season clothes and vacuum seal them. It’s quick, easy and saves a ton of space!
  5. Don’t forget to pack an overnight suitcase. Odds are, you will be exhausted after a full day of moving. Having an overnight suitcase, gives you easy access to all your essentials without having to rummage through every box to find that one thing you need.

Moving can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be if you know all the right tips! Plus, when you move to a city like Dripping Springs, trust us, the move is worth it. If you know you want to live the Texas Hill Country, Caliterra is a beautiful, new master planned community and is currently pre-selling. For more information, visit our website today!