5 Tips for Summer Gardening in Dripping Springs

5 Tips for Summer Gardening in Dripping Springs

Even the most experienced gardeners may become discouraged when considering growing a garden in Texas during the summer heat. While there may be some challenges, our climate also has benefits that even novice gardeners can take advantage of. The following are 5 tips for gardening during the summer in Dripping Springs.

  1. Texas offers a wide variety of plants requiring little care, and more importantly, little water. These plants are not only beautiful, but also better for the environment due to their low maintenance nature. You can start browsing different flowers and vegetables here.
  1. Due to the climate around Dripping Springs, the best vegetables to plant in the summer months are beets, cauliflower, chard, collard greens, cucumbers, mustard, potatoes, pumpkin, and tomatoes.
  1. Join a gardening group or horticulture club to have support throughout your gardening process. These organizations have endless information for their members and can help you contact local gardeners in Dripping Springs. Austin Organic Gardeners and Travis Country Master Gardeners Association are just a few in the area.
  1. Now that you’ve just moved into your new master planned community, make your home uniquely yours with your garden. Design a garden that works for your family. Remember that this is not only a source of nourishment, but also a place where your children can stay in touch with nature in a hectic and technology-driven world.
  1. Keep it local. There are a multitude of reasons why buying anything local is better, and plants are no exception. Avoid hours toiling away in your garden during the heat of the summer by purchasing Texas SmartScape plants. These are native to our region, making upkeep easy.

Summer gardening is one of the many outdoor activities residents of Dripping Springs enjoy doing. Remember to get creative and have fun cultivating your outdoor space!