5 Tips to Keeping Your Kids Happy During a Move

5 Tips to Keeping Your Kids Happy During a Move

So, you’ve decided to move to Dripping Springs and join our master-planned community. Welcome home to Caliterra! While you and your family may be excited about your new home and community, we also understand that moving can be an incredibly stressful time. This is especially challenging for children who don’t understand the changes happening around them. We want to help make this transition as smooth and positive as possible, so here are 5 tips for keeping your kids happy during your move to Caliterra in Dripping Springs. 

Move to Dripping Springs

1. Let Them Know What’s Happening

Don’t wait until the last minute to inform your child of the situation. Bring the idea up to them slowly and in advance. Walk your child through the process and help them understand what the move involves. This will help them become comfortable and accustomed to the idea of change before it actually occurs.

2. Re-Explain

Children, especially younger ones, have short attention spans. It is likely that they will forget what you have already explained to them about the move. A good way to make sure they stay aware of the changes around them is to provide them with information in small chunks. When your child realizes the changes that are about to occur, they may feel insecure. Offer them comfort and ease their worries by giving child-friendly answers when asked.

3. Familiarize Them Beforehand

If possible, take your child to visit their new home and explore the nearby area. Show them places where they can play like the new backyard, nearby playgrounds and, if possible, their bedroom. If you can’t bring them with you, take photos and record videos to show them later. Another great way to familiarize them with their future home is to have them draw a picture of their future room. Have them map out how they would like to arrange it. This will help them begin to envision a life there and the “big move” won’t be as daunting or scary to them.

4. Help Them Feel Involved

Help your child feel involved in the moving process. Packing precious items away too soon can cause more stress and confusion for them. Wait until the last few days to pack any of their special belongings. Keep them involved when the time finally comes to pack away their treasures. Use bright colors to mark the boxes with their belongings.

5. Validate Their Feelings

When your child begins to feel fear or anxiety about the move, recognize it and validate their feelings. Find something in the area that might be familiar to them such as nearby friends or family. Read them children’s books about moving to help them mentally prepare.

Make your move to Dripping Springs a happy one! Our new homes are ideal for families that love to be surrounded by the great outdoors. Contact Caliterra in Dripping Springs today to learn more about our master-planned community.

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