5 Trick Or Treating Tips For Dripping Springs Parents

5 Trick Or Treating Tips For Dripping Springs Parents

It’s that time of year again, where kids can finally unveil the costumes they’ve been dying to wear since the calendar turned to October. That’s right, it’s officially Halloween! Although Halloween can be a really exciting time for youngsters, there are some precautions to take to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Here are 5 trick-or-treating tips to keep in mind this Halloween in Dripping Springs:

Be Seen

Since the real fun starts when the sun goes down, it’s important that your kids are visible to both you and cars at all times. In order to accomplish this, you can simply adorn your kids with reflective tape (available at most hardware stores) or even better, glow sticks! What kid doesn’t love those?

Make Sure the Costume Fits

Avoid costumes that drag on the ground. This could cause many different issues throughout the night such as tripping, getting caught on bushes, and general annoyance or discomfort. You want your kid to have a great time without having to worry about their costume!

Plan A Route
It’s a good idea to pre-plan your route or at least be familiar with the area you’ll be trick-or-treating in. This will give you time to consider avoiding obstacles such as construction, busy intersections, or areas where there are no sidewalks at all. These obstacles will be more difficult to assess once the sun goes down. Also, be sure to choose neighborhoods that are family friendly.

Pick A Practical Goody Bag or Container

While some of the containers for candy may look cool, they aren’t always kid friendly. If they are already too heavy before any candy is in them, this could be an issue once the night gets going. Kids hands are sensitive so pick something that has a solid handle and isn’t too bulky!

Set A Curfew
For the “kids” who are officially too old (cool) to go trick-or-treating with their parents, be sure to set a curfew! Pick a reasonable time and have a number where they and their friends can be contacted at any time.

Lastly, be sure to only visit well-lit areas and houses with their lights on. Advise children to never go into somebody’s house or car and scope out your children’s candy to ensure none of it has already been opened. Follow these tips and Halloween 2015 should be a fun night of trick-or-treating for the entire family in Dripping Springs!