5 Ways to Use Natural Gas in your Home

5 Ways to Use Natural Gas in your Home

People often only consider using natural gas to heat their homes. However, there are many other ways to use natural gas year-round! Not only is it a cost-effective alternative, but it’s also a clean-burning fossil fuel – making it better for the environment! Here are 5 ways to use natural gas in our new homes in Dripping Springs.

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1. Cooking

Electric ovens and stoves tend to heat food unevenly. Instead, buy an appliance that is gas-powered. Natural gas provides better temperature control and you will use significantly less energy because the food will cook quicker. Newer appliances have removed the pilot in favor of electric ignition. Not only does this make the appliance safer, but you’re using 40 percent less natural gas.

2. Cooling Your Home

Just like you can find gas-powered heaters, gas-powered air conditioning units like this 2-ton Goodman Air Conditioning Condenser are also available. The cost may be higher upfront, but switching to a natural gas air conditioner could save you thousands of dollars during the hot summer months in our master-planned community. Using a gas-powered air conditioning unit also reduces your dependency on the electricity grid and prevents damage to the ozone layer.

3. Heating Water

No one likes cold showers! Natural gas water heaters heat water faster than electric water heaters, so a unit with 20 to 100 gallons can fit a variety of homes in Dripping Springs. The price of natural gas is lower than electricity, so you’re sure to save money on your energy bill and enjoy a consistently warm shower.

4. Drying Your Clothes

Natural gas clothes dryers are so efficient that for the cost of drying one load of laundry in an electric-powered dryer, you could dry two loads or more in a gas-powered dryer! For bigger families, being able to dry lots of clothing for 50 percent of the cost is essential. Since natural gas heats quicker, it will also help you cut down on the time it takes you to do laundry and allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

5. Lighting a Fire

Sitting around a fire with the family is the perfect way to end a summer or winter evening, but cleaning up ashes and smelling like smoke takes away all the fun. By using a natural gas fireplace or fire pit, you can get the same effect of a wood burning fire without having to chop firewood! The best part is that with just a flip of a switch you can instantly have a controlled flame.

With so many ways to use natural gas, there’s no reason to not make the switch and our homes in Dripping Springs make it super easy! To learn more about our master-planned community and nature-focused lifestyle, contact Caliterra today.

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