Artist Series: Dripping Springs Vodka

Artist Series: Dripping Springs Vodka

The Texas Hill Country is full of artists that do everything from painting to cooking to building beautiful homes. This series is meant for Caliterra in Dripping Springs to shine the spotlight on people and businesses near our master-planned community that are truly artists of their craft. This week, we want to highlight the fine spirits at Dripping Springs Vodka.

dripping springs vodka
(Image via drippingspringsvodka.com)

Small Batch Distilling

Just like there’s something extra special about micro-brewed beer, there’s something equally as special as micro-distilled liquor. Dripping Springs Vodka micro-distills their special vodka in 50-gallon copper pot stills, and their gin is micro-distilled in 40-gallon copper pot stills. Each of their products is finished with pure, mineral-rich Hill Country artesian spring water.

Dripping Springs Vodka & Orange Vodka

They make two flavors of vodka – original and orange. Both of their handcrafted vodkas are made with sweet, Mid-Western non-GMO corn and certified as Kosher. Through their small batch distilling process, the vodka is distilled an equivalent 20 times and then goes through a final filtration through Swedish activated charcoal. Dripping Springs Vodka is also the only American vodka to win the vodka purity trophy at the prestigious International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2008. As for their orange vodka, they use hand-zested Texas oranges, and what they don’t use, they donate to the Austin Zoo. As they like to say, “We keep the zest and donate the rest.”

Dripping Springs Artisan Gin & Traditional Gin

Just like their vodka, they also create two types of gin – artisan and traditional. Each of these exceptional gins are designed to uniquely capture the essence of their botanical mix. The artisan gin is a lighter, 85 proof gin and is made with a delicate combination of soft floral notes, a hint of spice and fresh citrus from the Texas Rio Grande Valley. The traditional gin, however, is 95 proof and is a juniper forward, London dry gin with some Southwestern flavors. In 2016, the traditional gin won a Silver Outstanding award and a Silver Outstanding Gin & Tonic award at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

If you’re looking for exceptional vodka and gin that feels more like a work of art than just another liquor, Dripping Springs Vodka is the place to go! If you’d like to learn more about other great businesses around our master-planned community, follow the Caliterra Facebook page or contact us today to schedule a community tour.