The Best 5 Coffee Places in Dripping Springs

The Best 5 Coffee Places in Dripping Springs

Let’s get caffeinated! When it comes to getting plenty of pep in your step every morning, there are plenty of exceptional coffee places in Dripping Springs. As part of our Best of Dripping Springs blog series, which has included the best sandwich places in Dripping Springs and the best local craft products. Now, our master-planned community is turning our attention to the 5 best coffee places in Dripping Springs.

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1. Mazama Coffee

Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, we’ve frequently touted Mazama Coffee and how we think they’re easily one of the best coffee places in Dripping Springs. One of the things that makes this local coffee shop so special is that they also roast their own beans, which means the beans and overall coffee is much fresher. Mazama Coffee has 8 delightful different types of coffee beans, including 1 decaf. Don’t worry if you aren’t a regular coffee drinker because Mazama Coffee also has a wide selection of espresso-based beverages.

2. Austin Java

Recently opened this past February, Austin Java offers Dripping Springs local Austin coffee without having to drive to the city to get it. With a brewery, coffee roasting facility and a full bar restaurant, Austin Java offers something for everyone. They also have a great ‘Dog-Friendly’ patio and play area for kids, as well as fun live events!

3. Summer Moon

Another local coffee favorite, if you haven’t tried Summer Moon’s secret moon milk yet with their wood-fired coffee, now’s the time! Summer Moon has various locations in and around the Austin area, but their location off U.S. 290 is less than 15 minutes away from Caliterra in Dripping Springs and definitely worth the jaunt. They also serve delicious breakfast tacos to keep you full all morning long.

4. Le Muse Coffee Bar

Get inspired in the morning when you wake yourself up with a cup of coffee from Le Muse Coffee Bar near Caliterra in Dripping Springs. Serving up coffee from the phenomenal Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Le Muse Coffee Bar hands-down has earned the right to be called one of the best coffee places in Dripping Springs. They keep their coffee menu smaller, so they can put a greater emphasis on making every coffee drink a work of caffeinated perfection.

5. Jolt Coffee and Beverage

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the 5 best coffee places in Dripping Springs is Jolt Coffee and Beverage. While it’s technically located in Austin, it’s just a few miles up the road from Caliterra in Dripping Springs on Highway 290. They’re the ideal quick stop coffee shop where you can get your morning pick-me-up on your way to work. With an easily accessible drive-thru, you won’t even need to get out of your car to get caffeinated with Jolt Coffee and Beverage!

Sure, there are plenty of coffee places in Dripping Springs, but if you’re looking for coffee that will actually make you happy to be up early in the morning, then these are our top 5 recommendations. For more great tips on all the best of Dripping Springs, follow our master-planned community – Caliterra Living – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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