Blog Series: Best of Dripping Springs

Blog Series: Best of Dripping Springs

This month, Caliterra in Dripping Springs is starting up a new series in which we share our knowledge of the area to bring you the best things to do in Dripping Springs and the Dripping Springs attractions you won’t want to miss! Let’s start the series off with just some of our all-around favorites.

Best Fresh Produce – Dripping Springs Farmers Market

best of Dripping Springs
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Every Wednesday from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM, you can come out to Veterans Memorial Park for the Dripping Springs Farmers Market. With fresh produce that was just pulled out of the ground, picked off a tree or trimmed from a bush that same day, you can’t find fresher produce anywhere!

Best Coffee – Mazama Coffee Co.

best of Dripping Springs

Admittedly, we might be a little biased since there’s now a Mazama Coffee in Caliterra, but if you want coffee from beans that are roasted in-house, then you’ll love Mazama Coffee Co. just as much as we do!

Best Bar – The Barber Shop

best of Dripping Springs
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If you’re looking for the best craft beer bar in Dripping Springs, then The Barber Shop is where you should go. During these long summer days, it’s the perfect place for sitting out on the large patio with a group of friends and some cold beers.

Best Winery – Bell Springs Winery

best of Dripping Springs
(Image via bellspringswinery.com)

So if you aren’t really much of a beer drinker but you love wine, then we’d have to tell you to go to Bell Springs Winery. Not only can you drink some amazing Texas Hill Country wine, but you could also tour the winery!

There are plenty of Dripping Springs attractions and fun things to do, and these are just some of our favorites! To stay in the loop with all the things to do in Dripping Springs, follow the Caliterra Facebook page. You can also contact Caliterra in Dripping Springs to learn more about our beautiful new homes.