Where to Find the Best Master-Planned Community Amenities in Dripping Springs

Where to Find the Best Master-Planned Community Amenities in Dripping Springs

There are a lot of great new homes in Dripping Springs, but what sets the new homes in Caliterra apart from the rest are our awesome master-planned community amenities. We may be a little biased, but we don’t think you can get the kind of amenities we have in any other master-planned community in Dripping Springs. Here’s just a glimpse at the amazing Caliterra amenities.

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Welcome Lounge & Event Pavilion

Whether it’s having a quick meetup spot with friends before going on a big adventure, hosting an event for a group of people or even just getting together with a couple of friends to enjoy a glass of wine, the Caliterra Welcome Lounge & Event Pavilion is the perfect central location for Caliterra residents.

Le Muse Coffee Shop

Easily one of our favorite Caliterra amenities, the Le Muse Coffee Shop in the Welcome Lounge & Event Pavilion makes it easy for every resident to start their day on a good and caffeinated note. While the rest of our master-planned community amenities are centered on being at home with nature, the Le Muse Coffee Shop is all about being able to get your morning cup of joe without ever having to leave Caliterra.

The Overlook

It’s no surprise that Texas summers can be quite brutal, but it’s really easy to beat the heat by taking a dip at The Overlook pool coming in Summer 2019. This private, resort-style pool gets its name from the fact that it will overlook remarkable hill country views from across Onion Creek.

Treehouse Park

Let your imagination run wild as you and your children play in the Treehouse Park at Caliterra. Its spacious deck makes it easy for parents to play with their kids, and the shaded benches also make it easy for parents to sit back and relax as they watch their child play. You can also have a fun family picnic after hours of play at one of the picnic tables.

Trails and Parks

One of our most important master-planned community amenities that connect all of Caliterra are the extensive trails and expansive parks which are meant to get residents connected back with nature. Let Austin and the other big cities have their skyscrapers and rush hour because the trees in our master-planned community in Dripping Springs stand tall to give you shade and the only rush hour you get is when you go running on one of our trails.

When it comes to master-planned community amenities, you can’t get more nature-centric than the Caliterra amenities. If you want to know more about our master-planned community in Dripping Springs or about the Caliterra lifestyle, you can contact us and follow Caliterra on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.