Best of Dripping Springs – Local Flavors

Best of Dripping Springs – Local Flavors

As Dripping Springs natives, we know a thing or two about the local flavors and what makes them so unique and tasty. Lucky for us, we don’t have to go too far from Calliterra to find the best of Dripping Springs’ restaurants. Looking for a certain cuisine? See our top picks for the best places to eat in Dripping Springs that will fit everyone’s pallet.

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1. Best Coffee in Dripping Springs – Le Muse

Recently setting up shop in Caliterra’s Welcome Lounge, Le Muse Coffee serves the most refreshing, handcrafted coffee and teas for your liking. They offer Stumptown Coffee, cold brew and award-winning teas that use the world’s finest organic loose leaf teas.

2. Best Seafood in Dripping Springs – Epicure

Epicure is famous for their global comfort food and seafood in Dripping Springs. We suggest their Smoked Salmon with House Chips, Ginger, Capers and Crème Fraiche. Another special dish to try is their Spicy Chimichurri Shrimp.

3. Best Burger in Dripping Springs – Homespun Kitchen & Bar

Are you looking for the best burger in Dripping Springs? Located at Mercer Street, Homespun Kitchen & Bar loves making them. Go for the Steak Burger or the Burger of the Day to get your burger fill.

4. Best Cafe in Dripping Springs – Creek Road Café

If you are looking for a fancier meal with a relaxed atmosphere, Creek Road Café is the perfect place! Try the Creek Road Miso Salmon Garden Salad for lunch or splurge on a nice, tasty dinner with the Champagne Chicken.

5. Best BBQ in Dripping Springs – Pig Pen BBQ

While we know a few great places for the best BBQ near Caliterra, Pig Pen BBQ is definitely our top favorite. Known for their flavorful Brisket, they also offer other delicious BBQ items like Beef Ribs.

6. Best Mexican Food in Dripping Springs – Flores Mexican Restaurant

Another best of Dripping Springs, Flores Mexican Restaurant serves some of the best Mexican food with gluten-free options. They also have southwestern, vegetarian-friendly cuisines like their Spinach Enchiladas.

7. Best Pizza in Dripping Springs – The Pizza Cave

If you want more of a pizza night, look no further than The Pizza Cave. They prepare the dough daily to make sure the pizzas taste fresh. They also spent 12 years perfecting their pizza recipes, like their Basil Pesto Pie, so you know they are worth trying.

8. Best Dessert In Dripping Springs – Rolling in Thyme and Dough

Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious desserts made from fresh, organic ingredients at Rolling in Thyme and Dough. We recommend the German Chocolate Cake and Moelleux au Chocolat, which is also available with a gluten-free option.

If you’re hungry for some truly amazing food, come grab a bite at these local restaurants, and come see the homes available at Caliterra while you’re at it. Love these best of Dripping Springs local flavors? Tell us which one is your favorite by connecting with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.