Caliterra Builder Highlight: Sterling Custom Homes

Caliterra Builder Highlight: Sterling Custom Homes


Sterling Custom HomesThe moment you choose Sterling Custom Homes as your home builder you’ll experience a stress-free building process under the direction of seasoned experts. From its inception in 1989, Sterling Custom Homes has continuously developed and enhanced the processes that enable you to relax and enjoy your homebuilding experience.

Starting with educating the client, Sterling Custom Homes offers consultation and advice on vital topics including “Cost Versus Value”, “Why Select Your Builder First” and “What You Should Ask Your Builder”. They not only work to earn your trust, but also empower you to become educated on the home building process starting from day one.

Another advantage to choosing Sterling Custom Homes as your home builder is their commitment to the environment. They have completed the Certified Green Professional program and have a Certified Green Professionals on staff. There are many green building products and technologies available to potential home buyers, and the Sterling professionals can help you understand your options.

Sterling Custom Homes offers two options when it comes to considering your luxury home design: Custom Designs and Portfolio Designs. For a custom design, you’ll work with a Sterling professional along with a local Architect, taking into consideration your ideas and personal style in order to create your unique custom home design. Don’t want to start from scratch? Portfolio designs may be a better option. Sterling has developed several floor plans that have proven to be popular over the years. Without compromising quality and design, these homes offer a lower cost per square foot. Take a look at Sterling’s custom and portfolio design options here.


Sterling Custom Homes exemplifies how quality can be affordable. To learn more about this luxury custom home builder, click here.