The Caliterra July Homeowner Checklist

The Caliterra July Homeowner Checklist

The Texas summer can be brutal on a home, even the new homes at Caliterra. That’s why we wanted to share with you this little checklist of some things you can do around your home to ensure it thrives in the summer heat. Most of these homeowner tips and tasks are simple enough that you will easily be able to do them on your own.

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Set Your Fans to Spin Counterclockwise

Did you know that your ceiling fans can spin two different directions? You may have experienced that even when you turn on the ceiling fan, it still doesn’t seem to really cool down. That can be completely due to the direction in which it’s spinning. If you inspect your fan, you’ll notice a small switch. For the summer months, you want to move that switch so that your fan begins to spin counterclockwise. This will make sure that the warmer air that rises to your ceiling is being pushed down and helps keep you cool. This simple switch can even help you save as much as 40% on air conditioning costs.

Change AC Filters

During the “normal” months, you usually only need to change your AC filters every 2-3 months. However, with the immense heat that comes with July and August (and usually September), your AC will be working much harder to keep your home the most comfortable temperature. During these hot months, it’s best to change your filters every month. With a clogged filter, your AC will have to work much harder to pull air in and keep it in circulation, and that also means a higher bill.

Have Air Conditioners Inspected

This is the only task that we would leave to the professionals. Even though all the homes at our master-planned community in Dripping Springs have brand new AC units, it’s still highly recommended that you have a professional come out to do an inspection. You never know when something might happen, and the last thing you need is a broken AC unit in the middle of summer! Having a professional come to inspect it will give you peace of mind that your AC will keep pumping out that cold air all summer long.

Prune Any Shrubs Around AC Units

Air conditioning units need plenty of air circulation to work efficiently, so it’s important to keep all shrubs trimmed back away from the unit. You’ll want to make sure that there’s at least 18” of room around the sides of the unit and at least 3 feet above the unit.

Clean Gutters

Of all these homeowner tips and tasks on our checklist, this is probably the least enjoyable one. However, the summer is the perfect time to clean your gutters! First off, any standing water and leaf buildup is a haven for mosquitos and other pests. Secondly, it’s best to do it before fall when all the trees start shedding their leaves and your gutters get bombarded again.

Not surprisingly, almost all of these tasks revolved around your AC unit, but in these scorching summer months, it’s your best friend and your home’s most valuable asset. Let us know what you do for your home during the summer by connecting with Caliterra on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While you’re there, you can also learn about our beautiful new homes near Austin.

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