Design Trends to Incorporate into Your Caliterra Custom Home

Design Trends to Incorporate into Your Caliterra Custom Home

If you’re thinking about moving into the lovely gated neighborhood of Wildwood at Caliterra in Dripping Springs, then you’ve already made the first smart choice – choosing a Caliterra custom home. Now for the hard part, what will your custom home look like? Well to help you out with that, we’ve got a few custom home design trends you’ll be smart to follow.

Taupe is Topnotch Neutral
Caliterra custom home

While having vibrant, bold colors can be great for accent walls and certain pieces of furniture, you can never go wrong with a beautiful neutral tone. Even though gray has been one of the most common go-to colors for neutrality, taupe is starting to make waves in giving people a break from the normal while still retaining the highly desired neutral versatility.

Places for Play
Caliterra custom home

Another one of the major custom home design trends that we’re seeing is that more and more homeowners are choosing to create clear places of play in their home. Rather than having a living room that can also act as a game room and home theater, many people are starting to create separate rooms for these activities and it’s great! As for outdoor places of play, having an exceptional back patio and yard are easy with the massive 125’ x 200’ Caliterra custom home lots.

Going Natural in the Texas Hill Country
Caliterra custom home

Since Caliterra in Dripping Springs is the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, it would only make sense that one of our favorite custom home design trends would be the incorporation of natural elements in everyday home design. You can use natural elements in overall structural design or you can simply make it a design theme that’s carried throughout your beautiful home.

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Let’s start building your Caliterra custom home today. Contact Jeff Edgars, Director of Sales, at Caliterra in Dripping Springs for more information about our available custom home lots.