discover-bannerFulfill your dreams of owning the home you have always imagined in the Caliterra community in the Texas Hill Country of Dripping Springs. Homeowners are able to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind them and enter into an enchantingly beautiful master planned community. With Caliterra being only minutes from downtown Dripping Springs, families are offered a small town charm, excellent schools, and some of the best barbecue around!

Caliterra Is For Active Families
It is Caliterra’s mission to bring joy to every family by providing a truly great outdoors experience. With 250+ acres of green space, residents are able to jog, hike or bike on the many paths throughout the entire community! If you have ever imagined being able to chase your kids through fields of wildflowers, having relaxing picnics or even taking mini-camping trips, then Caliterra is the community for you. Not to mention the Caliterra community is nestled alongside Onion Creek, which is the perfect place for our active families and outdoor enthusiasts to explore, bike, fly kites or even catch some fish at the fishing dock! Residents can now live out their childhood dream of having their very own treehouse. The Treehouse Park allows for you to spend the day imagining that you are an explorer, a ship-wrecked captain or even Tarzan. Kids will never want to come one from this one-of-a-kind park!

Perfect for Nature Enthusiasts
For all you nature lover’s out there, Caliterra will feel like a nature paradise for you! There is a 33-acre ecological park filled with interpretive trails, learning playing areas, tree swings and native grass and wildflower areas for all to enjoy! Turkey Hollow is also a unique feature in Caliterra everyone will love. This beautiful, natural open space will include many trails, recreational areas, picnic tables and much more! Not only does Onion Creek offer our residents plenty of activities, trails and paths are also incorporated alongside its banks for your very own private delight. Also the Caliterra community garden will allow our residents to use your green thumb to grow fresh, home grown food options for your family to live a healthier lifestyle.

From the Adventure Club along Onion Creek to the fishing dock, Treehouse Park, 33-arcre ecological park, Turkey Hollow or partying in the Event Pavilion, this is something for everyone in Caliterra. If Caliterra sounds like the place you want to call home, head over to our website to learn more about the community!