Head to One of Dripping Springs’ Best Taco Places to Celebrate National Taco Day

Head to One of Dripping Springs’ Best Taco Places to Celebrate National Taco Day

By now, you know that we love tacos! So much so, that we have written about several of Dripping Springs’ best taco places on our blog for Taco Tuesday. Today, we take it one step further. In honor of National Taco day this Thursday, October 4, we’ve rounded up our top seven places in and around Dripping Springs for you to get your taco on.

In and Around Drippings Springs

These taco joints are the best of the best and just outside your front door.

Raza’s Food Shack

Dripping Springs' best taco places, Raza's Food Shack
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With an authentic flavor and fresh ingredients, Raza’s Food Shack is a family-owned food truck in Dripping Springs that knows the importance of quality and community. Go in the morning for Build Your Own breakfast tacos and go back in the afternoon for a mystery taco adventure with the Doug Meek (“You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”) taco.

Torchy’s Tacos

Dripping Springs' best taco places, Torchy's Tacos
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Hands down, Torchy’s Tacos is one of the most popular taco restaurants not just in Austin, but in all of Texas. With multiple locations in College Station, DFW, Houston, Waco, Oklahoma and Colorado, it seems this once plucky underdog that started in a food trailer off South 1st Street is building a taco empire. Try their signature trailer park taco and be sure to get it trashy at their new location, here in Dripping Springs.

Santi’s Tacos

Dripping Springs' best taco places, Santi's Tacos
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While many places offer breakfast tacos to those early birds, Santi’s Tacos is here to serve the night owls. Open Tuesday through Saturday in San Marcos, Santi’s Tacos opens at 5:00 PM and stays open until 3:00 AM, except for Wednesday and Thursday – when they close at midnight. For those of you looking to make your Taco Thursday feel like a Friday, Santi’s is an excellent choice.

Gringas Grub Shak

Dripping Springs' best taco places, Gringa's Grub Shak
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This year was the first time that Wimberley gave away an award for the Best Food Truck, and Gringas Grub Shak won. If that doesn’t tell you that they’re serving up some super tasty grub, then nothing will! They have downright mouthwatering fish, chicken and beef street tacos that will have you running back for seconds again and again.

Shamrock Tacos

Dripping Springs' best taco places, Shamrock Tacos
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Let’s be honest, when you hear “tacos from a convenience store,” the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t “delicious,” but Shamrock Tacos makes it happen. This long-standing hole in the wall has been serving up amazing tacos to the “tacoholics” in Wimberley, Dripping Springs and any traveler lucky enough to stumble upon this hidden gem.


Austin might as well be called Taco Central. With so many physical storefronts and taco trucks, it certainly is a Taco lover’s paradise. Just up the road from Dripping Springs, Austin offers a home away from home for Hays County taco lovers!

Taco Joint

Dripping Springs' best taco places, Taco Joint
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Many taco places just try to do things quick and cheap, but not Taco Joint. They take the extra time and attention needed to make all of their flour, corn and wheat tortillas by hand in the kitchen. If you can’t make it out to see them Thursday, try visiting them on the weekend to try two dishes exclusively served on Saturday and Sunday – the Benidicto Taco and the Carnitas Hash.


Dripping Springs' best taco places, Chi'Lantro
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Finishing out our list are these tasty tacos with a Korean BBQ flair. Even better, they are build your own. First, you start by telling your Chi’Lantro server what tortillas you want. After that, you select your meat and then pile on your favorite veggies. They also have extra toppings like cheese, guacamole, homemade kimchi and grilled corn salad. Top it all off with one of Chi’lantro’s eight sauces for an unforgettable meal.

Make sure you go out to at least one of Dripping Springs’ best taco places on this list to celebrate National Taco Day this week. Your stomach will thank you. This blog may have rounded out our Taco Tuesday blog series, but there are plenty more great tips and local insights where they came from! Be sure to stay up on the Caliterra Living blog and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.