Dripping Springs ISD Partners with Squishy Banana Studios

Dripping Springs ISD Partners with Squishy Banana Studios

Who doesn’t dream of making movie magic at some point in their lives? Serving kids ages 5 to 18, Squishy Banana Studios gives them the opportunity to express themselves and celebrate their inner superstars. Participants get the opportunity to make movies.

Many Dripping Springs ISD students are probably already familiar with Squishy Banana Studios. They most likely have attended a party there, taken classes, or heard about it.

What Is Squishy Banana Studios?

Lizzy Montana, the founder of Squishy Banana Studios, wanted to provide a creative outlet for children. With help from her experience in working on commercials and feature-length films, Montana found a perfect creative outlet in Squishy Banana Studios.

Based in South Austin, the mobile business goes wherever the party is happening. It unleashes kids’ creativity through karaoke and filmmaking. The company offers filmmaking workshops and camps. Kids learn about the filmmaking process from producing to starring in the show.

What Does the Squishy Banana Studio Partnership Mean for Dripping Springs ISD?

Squishy Banana Studios is expanding its services to DSISD elementary schools. Dripping Springs, Rooster Springs, and Walnut Springs Elementary Schools will hold filmmaking classes. Students will learn about writing, storyboarding, acting, directing, filming, and editing.

It makes it convenient for students and their parents. Students enrolled in the filmmaking classes meet after school on their campus once a week for nine weeks. It’s open for grades 2 through 5 with each class having up to 10 students. Families sign up directly with the preferred campus.

What a fun way to expand educational opportunities for DSISD students. To learn more about the district, visit the Dripping Springs ISD website.

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