Get to Know Dripping Springs ISD

Get to Know Dripping Springs ISD

Caliterra knows that when it comes to your children, their education is of the utmost importance. The youngest residents of Caliterra will get to attend the exceptional schools in Dripping Springs ISD, which has seven campuses. Read our blog and get to know the Caliterra schools in Dripping Springs ISD.

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Walnut Springs Elementary School

For parents that have elementary-aged children, your children will get to attend Walnut Spring Elementary School. This is one of four elementary schools in Dripping Springs ISD. The reason why four of the seven Dripping Springs ISD campuses are elementary schools is because this enables the schools to keep the classroom size smaller, which is more conducive for children in their formative years. The teachers and staff at Walnut Spring Elementary School take great pride in their responsibility to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of each student in a safe learning environment.

Dripping Springs Middle School

Once your child has completed fifth grade at Walnut Springs Elementary School, they’ll get to move to Dripping Springs Middle School for sixth to eighth grade. This used to be the only middle school in Dripping Springs, but with the opening of the second middle school, the enrollment is now down to just over 700 students, which again means smaller class sizes and better learning environments.

Dripping Springs High School

Time sure does fly! You remember dropping them off to their first day of Kindergarten, and now here they are, in high school. Dripping Springs ISD has one high school, Dripping Springs High School, and it’s where all students grade ninth through twelfth will attend. Just like with all Dripping Springs ISD schools, Dripping Springs High School offers exceptional programs and extracurricular activities for your child to get the most well-rounded education.

As a master-planned community in Dripping Springs, we’re proud to say that all Caliterra children attend schools in Dripping Springs ISD. If you have a school-age child and have been thinking about moving, now is the time to do it! They’re out of school for summer break and will be able to easily transition into a new school. To learn more about the Caliterra schools and what it’s like living in our beautiful master-planned community, contact Caliterra today.