Get Your Gear for the Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K

Get Your Gear for the Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K

Is everyone getting ready for the Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K and Festival on May 12? These past couple of weeks, we’ve gone over tips to help you train as well as a little guide to what you should eat for this 5K near Austin. Since Caliterra in Dripping Springs is the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, you need to make sure you have all the proper 5K gear so you can run your best race. Here are the basics you’ll certainly want to have for the Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K.

Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K

Running Shoes

If you don’t already have a trusty pair of good running shoes, then that is the first thing you’ll want to do. The right shoes can be the difference between finishing the Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K first and stopping halfway because you get shin splints. Find a good pair of running shoes and start breaking them in now so they’ll be all ready to help you cross the finish line come May.

The Right Top

Since the weather will be on the warmer side, your best bet for a top would be to stick with a lightweight shirt. While you can get a sleeveless shirt, it isn’t necessary. You just want to make sure that the shirt is breathable enough that you can stay nice and cool while running in the May sun.

The Right Bottoms

Okay, we’ve got the top taken care of. Now, let’s move to the bottoms. When it comes to running shorts, there are plenty of types to choose from. You want to equip yourself with loose running shorts that will allow for ideal circulation and motion. The best thing to do is to try a few different length shorts and see which ones are most comfortable to you.

Even Your Socks and Undergarments Matter

Lastly, you may not think your socks or underwear matter, but that’s where a lot of sweating can occur and cause a lot discomfort. For socks, you’ll want to find a pair that is made of synthetic materials because they will wick away moisture. You should also look for socks made from a breathable, anti-chafe material. You’ll want this to also apply to your other undergarments.

We hope this helps you get fully decked out for the Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K and Festival. Since this Dripping Springs event isn’t just about running, we’ll have plenty of other things to do at the Race to Brunch 5K and Festival. Register to participate in the Caliterra Race to Brunch 5K today and stay in the loop with Caliterra in Dripping Springs by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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