Get Ready for the New School Year in Dripping Springs, Texas

Get Ready for the New School Year in Dripping Springs, Texas

Can you believe it’s August already? Well, you may have seen a few clues, one being the back-to-school sales showing up everywhere. The other being the Texas tax-free weekend shopping starting tomorrow and runs from August 9 – 11.

Dripping Springs Independent School District begins in two weeks on August 20. This is a great time to start planning and getting ready to ease the transition from the lazy days of summer to school time.

DSISD students in Caliterra attend the following schools:

  • Walnut Springs Elementary School
  • Dripping Springs Middle School
  • Dripping Springs High School

Here are a few tips to ensure the new school year gets off to a smooth start.

Register for School and After-School Care

Most schools require completing paperwork, usually done online. The Dripping Springs ISD registration page provides information on new student enrollment and returning family enrollment. Hopefully, parents and guardians have registered new students since the deadline has passed.

Visit the school website for information about the school and staff, upcoming events, bus routes, and the list of school supplies. Here’s a DSISD communication chart that shows the different sources for getting information and how to access each.

If you need after-school childcare, research services and do the required tasks to sign up.

Shop for Clothes and Supplies

Before you shop this weekend, check the child’s room for outgrown clothes. Donate, give away, or sell any clothes no longer needed. Be prepared for shopping by making a list of needed items and sizes. For more tips, check this tax-free weekend guide.

Review the School Calendar

DSISD calendars include the previous year’s calendars and the next two. So, you can review the calendar and add important dates to yours and the family calendar. Also, visit the child’s school website to view the school’s calendar.

Designate a Study Space

A study area is a space for studying without distractions that has all the needed supplies for easy access. You don’t have to put it in a separate room. It could be the corner of a room with shelves for books and supplies and a comfortable workstation.

Enforce Earlier Bedtimes

If the kids’ schedules have been out of whack, it will make it harder to get up on the first day. Don’t wait until the night before school to begin school bedtime routines. Start small by tucking them in bed 15 minutes earlier and keep adding another 15 minutes until you reach the goal bedtime.

Good luck with preparing for school time and have a great first day! Remember to take pictures! Interested in the Dripping Springs ISD, but not here yet? Explore these new homes in Dripping Springs for charming small-town living with an easy drive to Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos.