Ghost Note Brewing in Dripping Springs Opening Soon Near Caliterra

Ghost Note Brewing in Dripping Springs Opening Soon Near Caliterra

Calling all beer lovers – there’s a brand new brewery popping up near our master-planned community. You need to add Ghost Note Brewing in Dripping Springs to your list of awesome things to do near Caliterra this year. The new brewery is set to open this spring on five acres of land at 23663 Ranch Road 12 in Dripping Springs, TX. Although no information on Ghost Note’s beer has been released, the brewery has a unique story to share.

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Meet the Crew

Kenny Coleman, a self-proclaimed craft beer lover and family man, founded Ghost Note Brewing in Dripping Springs with his wife Thelma Coleman, who will be handling the business office end of the brewery. Head brewer Cory McGuinness, originally from Portland, Oregon, has stretched his 9-year brewing career from the Pacific Northwest to Europe, and everywhere in-between. While in Europe, Cory was the head brewer at Pravda Beer. During his tenure at Pravda, Cory was able to transform a mass-market tourist restaurant into a world-renowned craft brewery.

The Ghost Note Name

You may be asking yourself, “What is a Ghost Note?”. Defined as a musical note with a rhythmic value but no discernible pitch when played, a ghost note is seemingly unnoticed by the listener but these notes add greater dimension and depth to the music. Ghost Note Brewing in Dripping Springs is taking this definition beyond the music. To the brewer, ghost notes live among the water, the grains and the yeast, each bringing their own story to a batch of beer. When the notes blend together, magic emerges.

Future Plans for the Brewery

Set atop five acres of land in Dripping Springs, TX, Ghost Note Brewing plans to capitalize on the breathtaking view while creating a laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere. Although the first batch of beer is still brewing, founder Kenny Coleman shared that the brewery’s offerings will include fresh, creative, barrel aged beers. Currently, Kenny is looking into food options for the brewery and, although unsure of the final menu, the team wants to make sure the food balances the creative beer options.

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