Outdated Home Décor Trends Making a Comeback in 2018

Outdated Home Décor Trends Making a Comeback in 2018

Every year it seems like there are some kind of new home décor trends that make you feel like you have to completely redesign the interior of your home, but not this year. This is the year of the comeback. When thinking about decorating your home in our master-planned community, here are a few home décor trends that were once considered “outdated” but are now totally “In” again in 2018.

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Brass Pieces and Accents

First up on our quick list of home décor trends, this classic and sturdy material seems to constantly dip between being in and out of style. Brass is a simple material that can be implanted in any part of your home design from simple lamps, candlesticks, fixtures and decorating tabletop accents. It’s also a brilliant way to give a timeless, yet rustic, look to any of Caliterra’s new homes in Dripping Springs.

Simple Black and White

Same as our first entry, black and white is one of those home décor trends that may have technically been considered outdated for a few years here and there, but it’s expected to make a huge comeback in 2018! Not only does the drastic contrast offer an eye-catching interior home design, but it’s simplicity also gives it an added layer of sophistication – as if you need it with the remarkable homes from our Hill Country homebuilders.

Avocado Green and Harvest Gold

Okay, now it’s time for a bit of a blast to the past! This is definitely the biggest comeback of any of our home décor trends today with green and gold initially becoming immensely popular in the 1970s. While this home design will certainly draw plenty of attention from your guests, you also want to be careful as to not overdo using these colors.

Oversized Furniture

Coupling excellently with the spacious open floor plans that all our homebuilders use, the “biggest” comeback of 2018 home décor trends is oversized furniture! Used to be, homebuyers would look for furniture that was hyper-conscientious about space, but now all of our new homes in Dripping Springs have so much living space that you and your family can fully enjoy the comfy luxury that is oversized furniture.

These are just our favorites of the multiple home décor trends that are making a return in 2018. If you’ve tried some unique home design ideas in one of our new homes in Dripping Springs, share it with us on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing how the residents of our master-planned community make their Caliterra home truly theirs.

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