Hot Home Design Trends for the New Year

Hot Home Design Trends for the New Year

It’s a new year, and that means all new home design trends! While all of Caliterra’s new homes are beautifully timeless, it’s up to you to decorate just the way you like. Here are some great home design trends to bring your luxury home in Dripping Springs into 2017 with style.

Jewel Colors

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Give your home the pop it deserves this new year by incorporating saturated colors like emerald green or sapphire blue! Mix it with your furniture and artwork to make your home a vibrant and welcoming place, but don’t go overboard. When it comes to bright, heavily saturated colors, sometimes less is more.


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Expected to make a big splash in 2017, velvet is a hot fashion trend for the best modern homes. Not only is velvet a comfortable fabric, but there’s also a unique sheen about it that other fabrics and materials just can’t match. Look to weave items with velvet fabric or texture into your home seamlessly with anything from throw pillows to upholstered couches and curtains.

Built-in Bars

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While 2016 was the year for the bar cart, 2017 is starting to see homeowners looking for more permanent solutions for entertaining in their homes. With our custom homes in Dripping Springs, you can tell one of our custom homebuilders exactly what you want for a bar, and they can make it happen!

Marble Surfaces

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Marble, especially in shades of white and light gray, are making a big splash in 2017’s design trends for modern homes. You can incorporate this breath-taking stone into your home a number of ways. Whether you’re using the material for countertops, tabletops or flooring, marble is sure to give your home that extra design boost for the New Year.

Bring your home into 2017 with these home design trends for the New Year! If you really want to change things up this year and are interested in moving to one of our new homes, contact Caliterra today. We’d love to show you around our master-planned community and answer any questions you may have!