Mazama Coffee Holiday Brews at Caliterra

Mazama Coffee Holiday Brews at Caliterra

When it comes to finding the best coffee in Dripping Springs, Starbucks is fine and dandy, but they just can’t compare to the local coffee master – Mazama Coffee. Not to mention, that Mazama Coffee not only has their Mercer Street location, but they also have another location right here at Caliterra in Dripping Springs! Now you can enjoy your holiday coffee without having to leave our master-planned community, and we’ve got a few coffee brews to recommend.

Mazama Coffee Caliterra
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Regardless of the season, you can never beat a traditional latte! Its simplicity is what makes it so timeless. At Mazama Coffee, the lattes come in 12, 16 and 20-ounce sizes, and all come with 2 shots of espresso. Instead of just leaving out milk with Santa’s cookies, put out a Mazama Coffee latte to give him that extra boost to finish delivering all those presents.

Organic Chai Latte

Okay, so this one may not technically be a coffee, but it offers the perfect holiday pick-me-up to those who need that extra boost but aren’t big coffee drinkers. Using decadent black tea, the baristas at Mazama mix it with some spices and steamed milk to create what many say to be the best chai latte.

Black Eye

With the colder weather and shorter days, it can be really hard to wake up and stay in the holiday spirit. That’s where this caffeine juggernaut steps in. A black eye is a freshly brewed cup of coffee with two shots of espresso. The best part is that you can also choose which of their 7 coffees you want to use for your black eye.

Hot Chocolate + Espresso

While this isn’t technically a menu item at Mazama Coffee, coffee in Dripping Springs is all about getting a little crafty to create a coffee beverage that you’ll love to wake up with. Everyone loves hot chocolate, especially around the holidays, but it doesn’t do much if you’re looking to get your day started. Have the coffee masters at Mazama Coffee drop a shot or two of espresso in your hot chocolate to get that extra bit of pep in your step.

Caliterra in Dripping Springs loves having such a fantastic local business be a part of our master-planned community. To get your fix for coffee in Dripping Springs, head on over to Mazama Coffee at the Caliterra Commons Welcome Lounge & Event Pavilion. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, and show us what great coffees you decide to get at Mazama.