Starstruck Over the New Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs

Starstruck Over the New Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs

As if there weren’t already plenty of great things to do in Dripping Springs, there’s one more awesome place you can add to the list with the opening of the Family Business Beer Company. Besides it being the newest brewery to pop up near our master-planned community, there’s something else that makes the Family Business Beer Company unique.

Family Business Beer Company
(Image via familybusinessbeerco.com)

Family-Owned and a Little Supernatural

Sitting on 15 acres just outside Austin in Dripping Springs near Hamilton Pool sits the new Family Business Beer Company which is family-owned and operated. It’s also co-owned by the Supernatural star Jensen Ackles! While Jensen is technically from the DFW area, he’s always loved Austin and its great craft beer. That passion drove him and other members of his family to open up their own brewery. Let’s meet the rest of the family!

The Family

Alongside Jensen as co-owners are his wife, Danneel, his brother-in-law, Gino Graul, and his mother and father-in-law, Ed and Debby Graul. The head brewer behind all the great craft beer they’ll be brewing is Nate Seale. These beer lovers and family members are excited to start brewing their own special brand for the masses.

Cold Local Brews

The Family Business Beer Company is starting off strong by offering 6 unique craft beers right out the gate. If you’re still wanting to enjoy some of the lighter flavors of summer, then you’ll love their Hamilton Pale Ale, Ghost White IPA or The Fox Rye Lager. If you’re ready to embrace the fall, then you’ll love their Cosmic Cowboy IPA or Haulin’ Oats Brown Ale. If you’re feeling brave and craving a stout, then you’ll be in heaven when you try the 11.4 & Grackle Hill Country Imperial Stout.

The Tap Room

Setting out to create a completely family-friendly environment, Family Business Beer Company will have a tap room that’s about more than just beer. They will also have plenty of live music and food trucks. There’s also a playground for the little ones. For information about tap room hours and tours, you can visit the brewery’s website.

To keep up with the progress going on at Family Business Beer Company, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. As for all the other great things to do in Dripping Springs like touring masterfully crafted new homes, contact Caliterra in Dripping Springs today.