Running on Trails vs. Running on Streets

Running on Trails vs. Running on Streets

Caliterra in Dripping Springs offers trails that accommodate all running enthusiasts, no matter what their running preference or their level of experience is! With summer fast approaching and more of our residents finding themselves with extra free time, we wanted to share information about running with the fitness fanatics in our community!

trail running vs street running

Skip the Sidewalk

While Caliterra provides safe ways of getting around our neighborhoods, sidewalks are not always the best place for a morning run. Sidewalks do provide a predictable and even terrain, which allows for better running form and alignment. However, with the concrete being harder than asphalt, it creates greater impact forces on the body. Additionally, getting around other pedestrians, cars and obstacles doesn’t allow for a continuous flow and pace.

Take on the Trails

If you’re looking for a tranquil place to run that is safe and easy on your joints, Caliterra’s expansive trail system is a great alternative to sidewalks. Our trails have less impact than asphalt or concrete, which means a more efficient recovery and progression in your performance. You also get to enjoy beautiful nature trails that allow you to escape into the scenic views of the Texas hill country. Additionally, our new homes in Dripping Springs are located close to some of the best hiking trails in Texas, so you can always jog on the path less traveled!

What better way to start your morning or end your day than a relaxing jog on our master-planned community’s many trails? Regardless of how much you decide to run, always make sure that you stretch properly and wear the appropriate running attire. If you wear the wrong shoes, you stand a chance of getting hurt. Also, remember to always be alert of your surroundings and courteous to those running around you. To learn more about Caliterra in Dripping Springs and our new homes near Austin, contact us today.

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