Six Coffee Recipes All Coffee Lovers Must Try

Six Coffee Recipes All Coffee Lovers Must Try

Coffee is an essential to just about everyone’s morning. There are some who feel like their day is missing something if they don’t have coffee. For those Caliterra coffee fanatics, here are some tasty coffee recipes that will make you want to use coffee in everything, not just as a drink.

Smoky Black Bean Soup

(Photo by: eatingwell.com)

So coffee may not seem like a likely addition to black bean soup. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Adding the coffee creates a toasty taste that transcends any other black bean soup you’ve made before. Let’s get to transcending!

Coffee Braised Short Ribs

Photo by: foodnetwork.com)

This is Texas and if there’s one thing we do right, it’s barbeque! Now you can combine your Texan love for barbeque and the bold flavor of coffee. Good luck waiting until dinnertime to sink your teeth into this masterpiece.

Chocolate – Banana Soufflé

Photo by: skinnymom.com)

That’s right, it’s dessert time. With chocolate, bananas and coffee and only 176 calories, it’s the perfectly light and fluffy treat after your soup and ribs. Imagine eating these beside a roaring fire on a cold Dripping Springs night.

Coffee Angel Food Cake

(Photo by: foodnetwork.com)

This angel food cake is sinfully delicious! With the espresso in the cake and the glaze, this cake is just the trick. It’s time to have your cake and eat it too.

Coffee Cake Muffins

(Photo by: tasteofhome.com)

These little treats are great because you can take them on the go. The pecans give it that perfect crunch that makes it reminiscent of your grandma’s coffee cake. You could easily make these on those cool Caliterra mornings.

Mocha Ice Pop

(Photo by: eatingwell.com)

While it may seem counter intuitive to make popsicles when it’s cold, these treats are only 54 calories and you can eat them near the warm fire. Don’t you want a delicious, low calorie afternoon pick me up?

These are just some of our favorite recipes that use coffee. You can always drink coffee, but why not try something different. We’re approaching the holidays, and as you have friends and family visit Dripping Springs, try something different!