Summer Landscaping Don’ts

Summer Landscaping Don’ts

Landscaping is difficult to master in the summer heat of Dripping Springs, Texas. The master-planned community of Caliterra in Dripping Springs discussed Summer Landscaping Do’s in our previous blog. Today, Caliterra is going to share the don’ts of summer landscaping:

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Don’t Plant Cool-Season Vegetables

It’s generally a bad idea to plant cold weather vegetables such as peas, lettuce, carrots and radishes in the summer. They will grow too quickly and any of the edible parts will end up being bitter.

Don’t Water Unless Necessary

While it may seem like a good idea to just set your sprinklers run on a timer, it could actually be harmful to the plants and wasteful. If it rains and you have your sprinklers running, then you are essentially wasting water. And if you run the sprinklers, and the ground doesn’t need it, you could potentially be washing away important nutrients from the grass.

Don’t Turn Your Back on the Garden

Because of the sporadic weather of summer, your garden can change in a heartbeat. Plants can succumb to pest, drought, wet soil or rot in a matter of days. Keep a close eye on your garden and check the weather forecast to know how to treat your garden and lawn properly.

Don’t Scalp Your Lawn

If you think it’s better to cut your grass extremely short in the summer, you would be sorely mistaken. Short cuts mean less drought-tolerance, patchier growth, more weeds and shallow roots. It’s always best to cut a little higher than a little shorter.

Don’t Water in the Afternoon

Watering during the hottest part of the day is pretty useless because many plants go semi-dormant in the afternoon, and the water will quickly evaporate. It’s best to water early in the morning so that the plants’ roots have a chance to absorb all the water.

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