Taco Tuesday Fix: Gringas Grub Shak

Taco Tuesday Fix: Gringas Grub Shak

Who’s ready for another Taco Tuesday? For this one, we’re heading out of our lovely Hill Country city to devour some delicious tacos near Dripping Springs at Gringas Grub Shak in Wimberley!

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Voted 2018 Best Food Truck in Wimberley

This year was the first the year that Wimberley has given an award for the Best Food Truck, and sure enough, Gringas Grub Shak won the award. If that doesn’t tell you that they’re serving up some super tasty grub, then nothing will! While they have plenty of other offerings aside from tacos, we all know Tuesdays are reserved for delicious mouthwatering tacos! Check out their tasty tacos.

Let’s Get A Little Fishy

First and foremost, Gringas Grub Shak is best known for their fish tacos which are served on a corn tortilla with downright amazing homemade jalapeño cilantro sauce. While you could just buy one, they know you’ll be back for more, and that’s why you can buy 2-3 along with chips and drink to really satiate your taco cravings.

Go Ahead, Call Me a Chicken

Are you not feeling fishy today? That’s okay, because their chicken tacos are to die for! Served on your choice of flour or corn tortilla and with lettuce, tomato and onion, their chicken tacos are perfect on a summer afternoon.

Where’s the Beef!?

Let’s take a little detour. You won’t find this on the menu, but their beef street tacos are the most delicious secret! Served on corn tortillas and with their extra tasty homemade jalapeño cilantro sauce, you’re going to fight the urge not to cut line and order a dozen more.

If you can’t decide which taco you want to try, we’d recommend getting one of each…make that two of each. If you go visit the lovely ladies at Gringas Grub Shak, we want to know how you like their grub! Let us know what you think of these tacos near Dripping Springs at Wimberley’s Best Food Truck by connecting with Caliterra on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.