Taco Tuesday Fix: Santi’s Tacos

Taco Tuesday Fix: Santi’s Tacos

Welcome back to Taco Tuesday, everyone! Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered some of the best dining near Dripping Springs in the world of tacos. This week, our Taco Tuesday is all about Santi’s Tacos in San Marcos!

Caliterra Santi's Tacos
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After Hours Tacos

While many of our previous Taco Tuesday fixes offer breakfast tacos and other delicious tacos to those early birds, Santi’s Tacos is here to serve the night owls. Open Tuesday through Saturday, Santi’s Tacos opens at 5:00 PM and stays open until 3:00 AM, except for Wednesday and Thursday – when they close at midnight.

Mini Tacos

You’re reading that correctly – mini tacos! These tasty bite-sized Mexican treats are a Santi’s Tacos classic. While they aren’t the ideal meal for someone who has worked up an appetite, the mini tacos are an excellent option if you want to try a few different types of tacos without committing to a full taco. They’re also great for when the little ones are craving tacos too.

Taco Tuesday

As if you didn’t need an even better reason to celebrate Taco Tuesday, Santi’s Tacos does their own Taco Tuesday, in which they have all sorts of specials and deals on their various tacos. One of their best Taco Tuesday deals is that you can get 6 tacos for just $6! While all the tacos have to have the same toppings, you can go with the whole family and each get a different taco topping on your order to share with the whole crew!

Santi’s Tacos in San Marcos is truly one of the best Mexican food trucks for dining near Dripping Springs, and aside from their Taco Tuesday, they have other weekly specials. They also offer Weenie Wednesday and Torta Thursday, so there’s no need to wait for a Tuesday to head over to Santi’s Tacos and get a great deal on great food. If you want to keep all with all the going-ons in the cities that surround our master-planned community, follow @CaliterraLiving on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.