Taco Tuesday Fix: Shamrock Tacos

Taco Tuesday Fix: Shamrock Tacos

Continuing our series this month on everyone’s favorite weekday, Taco Tuesday, Caliterra is going to tell you all about the phenomenal tacos near Dripping Springs at Shamrock Tacos in neighboring Wimberley, Texas.

Taco Tuesday Shamrock Tacos
(Image via tacoholic.net)

Don’t Let the Location Throw You Off

Let’s be honest, the last place you would expect to find amazing tacos would be at a gas station convenience store, but you’d be surprised! This long-standing hole in the wall has been serving up amazing tacos to the citizens of Wimberley and any lucky travelers that happen to stumble upon this little gem.

Did Someone Say Breakfast Tacos?

What better way is there to start your day off than with a mouthwatering breakfast taco? Under the name “Lucky Day Taco,” Shamrock Tacos has a delicious breakfast taco for every day of the week. But don’t worry, you can still order a “Monday” on a Saturday or a “Sunday” on a Wednesday! If you ask nicely, we’ve heard they’ll even put a fried egg in your taco instead of the regular ole scrambled egg.

Calling All Tacoholics

If you thought Shamrock Tacos stopped with just breakfast tacos, then you’re in for a delicious surprise! We’ve just scratched the surface of this little Wimberley gem. Their “Tacoholic Favorites” offer a wide variety of amazing tacos from the Gregorio, which has a fried egg, ham, bacon and cheese to their Cabo Taco, which has fish, chipotle slaw, pico de gallo and mozzarella cheese!

Strip it Down or Dress it Up

If for whatever reason, you aren’t really feeling an actual taco, Shamrock Tacos offers a “Naked!” option, in which they take away the tortilla and put all the food into a bowl. However, if you’re really wanting even more yummy food, you could upgrade your tacoholic favorite to a quesadilla.

Make sure to head over to Shamrock Tacos the next time you’re craving amazing tacos near Dripping Springs! To stay up to date on all the great places to eat and things to do near Dripping Springs, you can follow Caliterra on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.