Taco Tuesday Fix: Trudy’s Four Star

Taco Tuesday Fix: Trudy’s Four Star

Does the new year have you craving some tasty tacos? If so, then you’re in luck. Our first Taco Tuesday highlight of 2018 is for Trudy’s Four Star, which is one of our favorite places for dining near Dripping Springs.

Trudy's Four Star
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Trudy’s Taking it to the Texas Hill Country

With 5 different locations throughout the Austin area, Trudy’s Four Star is the Trudy’s location closest to our master-planned community. Even though it’s technically in Austin, it’s not even 10 miles from Caliterra. This location opened at the end of 2011, and since then has quickly become a booming favorite. With 13,000 square feet and a private rooftop patio, Trudy’s Four Star epitomizes the two best things about Dripping Springs – the open space and the breathtaking views.

Enough business talk. Let’s talk tacos!

Morning Tacos on Your Morning Commute

If you take Highway 290 on your way to work every morning or you just want to start your day off right, Trudy’s Four Star has exceptional breakfast tacos! They’ve got a breakfast taco for anything your taste buds might be craving. For a traditional breakfast taco, try Trudy’s Tacos Ricos. However, you can also try their Tacos Migas. Lastly, get creative and make your own with their Hondo Breakfast Tacos.

Taco Dinners for Easy Family Supper

After a long day at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook dinner. That’s why Trudy’s Four Star has some really great tasting and filling taco dinner plates. You can stick with classic Crunchy Beef Tacos or venture out to the spicy side with their Tinga Tacos. All plates are served with Spanish rice and your choice of beans.

We’ve talked about some of the best dining near Dripping Springs before like the best sandwich places, but you still can’t beat tacos. And with all the great area amenities near Caliterra, it should come as no surprise that Trudy’s Four Star is on our list. Let us know what your favorite item is to eat at Trudy’s Four Star by connecting with our master-planned community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.