Taco Tuesday Fix: Ray’s World Taco

Taco Tuesday Fix: Ray’s World Taco

It’s finally Taco Tuesday! Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been focusing on dining near Dripping Springs that has everything to do with tacos, and we’re keeping that going! This week, Caliterra is going to tell you all about the famous food truck, Ray’s World Taco in Austin, for the last Taco Tuesday of August.

Caliterra Ray's World Taco
(Image via yelp.com)

Starting Your Morning Off Right

You can never go wrong when you start your morning off with some tasty breakfast tacos! While you aren’t going to find some of the crazier taco recipes that we’ve seen from other Taco Tuesday highlights, Ray’s World Taco has all your favorite classic breakfast tacos. Even though it may be simple recipes like eggs and bacon, chorizo and cheese or eggs, mushrooms and spinach, the flavor is anything but simple. As one Yelp user notes, “

[Ray’s] special trick is to put cheese into the tortilla before the hot toppings. The result is a flavor bomb with just the right amount of oooey gooeyness!”

Let’s Taco Bout Lunch & Dinner

If you’re more in the mood for tacos during lunchtime or wanting to grab some tacos for dinner, you’re in for a real treat. Ray’s World Taco has your taco staples like fajita, chicken al pastor, veggie and shrimp, but they also have some unique tacos like their mahi mahi, pork tomatillo and picadillo.

All the Salsas

For those who think tacos are only as good as the salsa that you can put on them, then Ray’s World Taco has got you covered! They have multiple signature salsas that they make themselves. Their main salsa flavors include: 4 chiles, tomatillo, spicy tomatillo, fresadilla, ghost, carrot-ghost, chipotle and mango habanero. They also have been known to create seasonal salsas!

Don’t let another Tuesday pass by without enjoying mouth-watering tacos! Head over to the Ray’s World Taco truck at 3215 Amy Donovan Plaza, Austin, TX 78758. To stay up to date on all the great things to do like dining near Dripping Springs, follow Caliterra Living on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!