Teaching Your Kids to Fish

Teaching Your Kids to Fish

It’s summer, and if you aren’t outside fishing, you’re not spending your summer the right way. Fishing near Austin is a great way to connect with nature and is a unique opportunity for you and your kids to spend some quality time together. Today, Caliterra in Dripping Springs is sharing a few tips on how to teach your kids to fish.

teach your kids to fish

Introduce the Equipment

Before you head out to the lake, pond, river or wherever, give your child a good lesson in fishing equipment 101. Teach them about the basic tools that they’ll use, like the rod, the hook, the bait, the line, the sinker and the bobber. For younger children, it would be best to use a child’s fishing rod with a plastic hook.

Talk Safety

When it comes to fishing, safety is number one! You should teach your children about the proper safety precautions they should take when fishing. For example, teach them to cast off a safe distance from other fishers, and until they are older, it’s best that they come to you when they get a fish on the hook. When fishing, you and your children should also know about water safety.

Show Them How to Bait and Cast

Whether you’re using live bait or not, it’s best to first show your child how to attach the bait to the hook and then, if they’re old enough, talk them through the process of attaching the bait themselves. Once the bait is attached, show them how to cast off. If they’re having trouble with the cast off, let them try a couple of different casting off techniques to see what feels right to them.

If you love to fish, share your hobby with your kids and let them join in on the fun. Luckily for the residents in our new homes in Dripping Springs, they can stroll right on over to Onion Creek where they can enjoy a full day of catch and release fishing. Contact Caliterra in Dripping Springs today if you’d like to learn more about our beautiful, nature-focused community.

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