Thankful Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Home

Thankful Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Home

Thanksgiving is all about getting together with the ones you hold dearest and expressing your gratitude for each other. If you plan on hosting Thanksgiving this year at Caliterra in Dripping Springs, don’t just say thank you, show it with these great thankful Thanksgiving decorations!

Grateful Board

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With a simple framed corkboard and fall colored paper cut to look like leaves, you can create a wonderfully interactive Thanksgiving decoration! As your guests arrive, have them write down on a leaf what they are grateful for and pin it up on the board when they’re done.

Thankful Chain

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This is one you can do even before Thanksgiving. Every day, each member of your family can write down one thing that they’re thankful for on a strip of paper. Then, link all of them together like a chain and use it to decorate your home for the holiday and constantly remind you all that you’re thankful for.

Turkey Feathered Thanks

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Taking a little spin from the grateful board, the turkey feather thanks calls for a large pinecone and feather-shaped pieces of paper. Write on the feathers what you are thankful for and then tuck the feathers into the pinecone.

Thanksgiving Tree

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Why should Christmas be the only holiday that gets a tree? This tree won’t be as lush and green as a Christmas tree, but it can still be just as meaningful! You can easily get some bundles of sturdy vines or branches from your local crafts shop and then place them in a vase, so they stay up straight. Then have your guests write down what they are thankful for on pieces of paper shaped like leaves and hang it on the ‘tree’ like a Thanksgiving ornament.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your home at Caliterra in Dripping Springs this year? If so, these decorations may be the perfect addition to your holiday décor. If you would like to know more about the new homes in our master-planned community, you can contact us today and explore the Caliterra living website.