Tips on being a Greener Parent

Tips on being a Greener Parent

Being a parent isn’t always easy, especially when you also want to be environmentally conscious. Let’s face it, kids aren’t exactly eco-friendly. They forget to turn off lights and water or leave the door open with the A/C blasting. The best way to teach them how to be more eco-friendly is to lead by example. To help you and your kiddos achieve green living in our master-planned community, here are a few tips for a greener lifestyle.

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Ditch the Plastic Bags

Even if you reuse the plastic bags you get from the grocery store as bags for smaller trash cans in your home, they are still quite harmful to the environment. Switch to canvas bags that are not only better for the environment, but also sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

Turn Off the TV

While the TV may be an easy way to get the kids to settle down, it isn’t the best solution. Instead, turn off the TV and send your children to the great outdoors where the possibilities for entertainment are limitless. Not only will turning off the TV and taking your kids outside save you energy, but it’ll also help your little ones get some much-needed vitamin D from sunlight. If you don’t want to just let them play in the backyard, our new homes in Dripping Springs will be near some excellent outdoor amenities like Treehouse Park and miles of hike and bike trails.

Cut Back on Paper Towels

Kids make a lot of messes, and paper towels are just so convenient and easy to use, but all that paper comes at a cost – trees. Do your part to save some trees and stop using paper towels to clean up around the house. Switch to kitchen towels or reuse old items of clothing that you would normally throw out, like socks with holes in them, and use them for dusting. When your messes are cleaned up, you can just throw the garments in the washing machine and they’ll be ready to use again and again and again.

When it comes to achieving true green living, it’s the little changes that we make to our everyday routines that can have the greatest impact. To learn more about our nature-focused, master-planned community of new homes in Dripping Springs, contact Caliterra today.


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