Tips for Saving Money on Your Winter Energy Bill

Tips for Saving Money on Your Winter Energy Bill

With the new winter weather comes that not-so-lovely winter energy bill. However, to help you combat those rising costs, Caliterra in Dripping Springs has a few energy saving tips that you can utilize. Whether you have one of our new homes in Dripping Springs or an older home, these energy saving tips should help you reduce your winter energy bill.

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Install Insulating Drapes or Shades

Windows are one of the biggest culprits in allowing energy to be wasted. If you have bare windows or sheer curtains, you could be allowing a lot of energy and heat to escape. You want to find thick thermal insulating drapes to help you keep all that cozy warm air in your home. These are also worth investing in because they will help keep your home cool in the warm summer months that are sure to come.

Check Your Weather Stripping

Aside from installing insulating drapes, you may also want to take a look at your home’s weather stripping. It will be around the edges of your windows and doorways. In older homes, the weather stripping could be sparse or completely removed. While this is important to know, this shouldn’t be a concern for any homebuyers for our new homes in Dripping Springs, because we purposefully picked our homebuilders based off of their energy efficiencies and green building practices.

Cut Back Your Thermostat

Once you’ve installed your insulating drapes and checked your weather stripping, then the interior of your home should hold its heat well enough for you to cut back on your thermostat. When you’re asleep and bundled up under those warm blankets or simply out of the house, cut your thermostat back 10-15 degrees. If you’re able to do that for eight hours a day when needed, you could see your winter energy bill drop roughly 10%!

Turn Down Your Water Heater

Everyone looks forward to a hot shower or bath to either start or end their day, how often are you running the water to be as hot as possible? If you’re like majority of Americans, you probably have your water heater set to a higher temperature than needed. Turn your water heater down to the warm setting (120 degrees). More than likely you won’t even notice the difference when you step in the shower or slide in the tub, but you’ll certainly notice the difference on your winter energy bill.

Not only does Caliterra in Dripping Springs put an emphasis on green living once you’ve moved into one of our new homes, but we also put the responsibility on our homebuilders to utilize the best green building practices. Discover what green building means in regards to our new homes in Dripping Springs, and contact Caliterra if you’re ready to take the first steps towards to be truly at home with nature.

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