Top 4 Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Top 4 Restaurants in Austin, Texas

While everyone knows Texas for its barbecue, there are plenty of other delicious types of food, especially near Caliterra in Austin. So, in the spirit of Caliterra living and to help you explore all the different kinds of cuisine, here are some of the best restaurants in Austin, Texas.

  1. Santorini Café

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    This cozy, unassuming house-restaurant is quickly growing in popularity as some of the best Greek cuisine in the Texas Hill Country. The white cottage with blue trim provides a friendly environment with fresh food that’s reasonably priced. If you’re not sure what to order at Santorini Café, you can never go wrong with their lamb menu items.

  2. Via 313

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    Are you on the prowl for the best pizza place in Austin? This isn’t your run-of-the-mill pizza joint. Their authentic Detroit-style pizza is baked in a square pan. With crispy cheese around the crust and a sauce that has just the right amount of sweetness, Via 313 has quickly become a local favorite.

  3. Clark’s Oyster Bar

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    The combination of beachy and stylish interior, immaculate service and an excellent selection of fresh seafood makes Clark’s a no-brainer for restaurants near Caliterra in Austin. It offers a cozy ambiance that’s perfect for a date or even a family outing. Stop by Clark’s Oyster Bar in West Austin and enjoy their fresh fish and extensive brunch menu.

  4. Swift’s Attic

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    Sometimes all you want is a juicy burger, and at Swift’s Attic, you can get just that. Considered one of the best burgers in the Texas Hill Country, they serve all fresh farm-to-table American-style tapas and other delicious food. They’re in downtown Austin on the second floor of the historic Swift’s Premium Food Co. building. No matter the time of day, you’re sure to find a tasty burger at Swift’s Attic.

These are just 4 of the many great restaurants you should try when you’re near Caliterra in Austin. Did none of these strike your interest? Well, here are a few more amazing eateries in the Texas Hill Country.

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