Top 5 Family-Friendly Austin Attractions

Top 5 Family-Friendly Austin Attractions

One of the best things about being in Caliterra in Dripping Springs is that you’ll have easy access to all the fun things to do in Austin, including all the great Austin attractions! Here are just some of the top family-friendly attractions in Austin that are sure to be fun for the whole family.

Austin Attractions

1. Blazer Tag

Even if you’ve played laser tag, you’ve never played it like this! Blazer Tag in Austin, TX has a three-story laser tag facility, and that’s just the start. They also have the Austin Sky Trail where you can navigate an obstacle course 20 feet in the air!

2. Austin Aquarium

Discover the wonders of the deep at the Austin Aquarium. No other Austin attraction can offer such an immensely interactive experience with some of the world’s coolest creatures. They don’t just have underwater creatures on display. They also have a wide variety of other interesting land animals!

3. The Thinkery

Kids love to ask to main questions, “Why?” and “How?”, and at The Thinkery, those questions can be answered! For a fun and education experience, The Thinkery provides a whole world of hands-on activities. So bring your little scientists and inventors to a place where they can truly learn and create.

4. Austin Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh yes! Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? For nearly 30 years, the Austin Zoo has been a staple for families looking for things to do in Austin. Bring the whole family and see what your favorite member of the animal kingdom is.

5. Peter Pan Mini Golf

It’s time to feel like a kid again, because if you grew up in the Austin area, then you undoubtedly have played at Peter Pan Mini Golf! This Austin attraction has been a source of family-friendly fun since 1946, and it’s still just as fun all these years later.

If you’re trying to find something fun for the whole family, we’d recommend trying out these five great Austin attractions. Now if you’re looking to move to the Austin area, feel free to swing by Caliterra in Dripping Springs! Our master-planned community of new homes is ideal for families that love to be in the great outdoors. Contact us today to schedule a tour!


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